Curriculum details

The Chivenor Curriculum Promise

A curriculum that Inspires a love of lifelong learning and that develops citizens of the future; who are inquisitive, motivated and independent.


We strive for a curriculum that:

  • inspires all involved
  • opens doors and caters for all types of learners
  • challenges all pupils
  • creates world class citizens of the future
  • a curriculum that develops proud traditions
  • develops a love of learning to promote lifelong learning
  • develops well rounded individuals with skills they will need for life
  • is relevant
  • is meaningful and purposeful
  • is rich in opportunities for language, reasoning and dialogue
  • that develops independence, questioning and thinking skills
  • a curriculum that is rich in experiences and opportunities that widen horizons

Key drivers for our curriculum


Some of our key drivers to having theme-based learning in both key stages in some form:



Non-negotiable elements within our timetable:

  • Literacy driven
  • Clear input in numeracy
  • WOW in – WOW out
  • Reading focus
  • SMSC recognition
  • Range and in-depth questioning
  • Challenge
  • Basic skills development

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