Welcome from our Acting Head

Charlotte Watson-Nash

I am proud to be introducing myself as the Acting Head of Chivenor Primary School, a place where children are supported to become confident, creative and caring members of our community. We have the highest expectations of our children and work as a team to offer the widest range of opportunities. We serve a proud Castle Vale and Birmingham community and our children are proud of their local history and heritage and we value everyone for their individuality. Our creative, topic based curriculum gives exciting and memorable experiences and our extra- curricular activities are varied and enjoyable. The school environment is designed to be welcoming and stimulating and we have specialist learning areas, such as Science Zone, Nurture are, our new Learning Zone (Kitchen and Library) as well as break-out areas for upper juniors.



We are proud members of the Griffin Schools Trust, a family of schools and a supportive network of educational expertise. We have so much to offer and so much that we can learn from others as we progress on our journey to being a great Griffin school! Our school values underpin all aspects of our school life, and are on display throughout the school and curriculum. I hope this website will give a snapshot of what we have to offer at Chivenor Primary, but why not make an appointment to come and look around the school. Whether you are a prospective parent, a future member of staff or a member of our school community, we would love to meet you!