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Chivenor has a strong tradition of being a welcoming, diverse, vibrant school set in the heart of the Castle Vale estate. Children’s individuality and interests are of paramount importance to staff, parents and children. Being a member of a family of schools will give Chivenor opportunities to share expertise, learn from other settings locally and further afield, develop a specialism, work in partnership on particular projects and work with a team of school improvement experts.


At Chivenor, we believe that the traditions of a school give children the security and sense of belonging that is much needed in our ever changing world. Things that happen every year, every week or every day give a rhythm and pace to a school as children and staff add in their own flavour and twist to the regular events. New traditions will be introduced and with our renewed focus on pupil voice, this will give us a springboard to set an inspiring agenda for our community.

The Chivenor community is aspirational and it is our aim to provide the widest possible range of activities and experiences for children. Being proud to live in Castle Vale, we also highlight the many positive cultural places on offer throughout Birmingham through our classroom names. We serve a global community and our curriculum will reflect that and make learning meaningful.

Appointing and developing outstanding teachers to deliver an outstanding curriculum is our priority. To do this we need to be outward looking and innovative in our approach. Having support and challenge is always a feature of improving schools and we welcome the opportunity to work with a shared vision, whilst maintaining individual characteristics.


Proud Traditions

The Griffin Schools Trust is building a family of schools, firmly rooted in their local communities that provide access to the very highest quality education, often associated with the selective or independent sector, for all pupils.

Each member of the family will keep in balance those three dimensions of school life, as expressed in the Trust motto, always associated with the very best maintained and independent schools: a strong pastoral system which ensures each child is known and understood, the broadest provision that widens minds and opportunities and the highest standards of achievement both inside and outside of the classroom.


Wide Horizons

Students will have free access to an extensive range of curriculum enrichment and extra curricular activities, including residential, that broaden their experiences and horizons.


High Achievement

Students will follow a curriculum that both gives them a firm foundation in the disciplines that support all learning, including exceptional English and mathematics provision, and that will allow them success at the highest levels. Students will achieve academic outcomes well above the national norms and will earn accreditation for their musical, sporting or creative skills though a strong co-curricular programme.

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