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‘To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world’

Chinese Proverb



At Chivenor Primary School – we are linguists. Learning a foreign language is a necessary part of being a member of a multicultural society and provides an opening to other cultures.

It is our intent to provide all of our children with a high-quality education in Spanish (our chosen MFL), which develops their love of learning about other languages and cultures. All pupils will be supported to achieve their full potential by encouragement to achieve high expectations and excellent standards, through facilitated learning experiences. Our ultimate aim is that pupils will feel willing and able to continue studying languages beyond key stage 2, as we promote curious learners who enjoy acquiring new languages.


The modern foreign language curriculum is overseen by the Communication Hub which ensures that pupils’ knowledge progresses within the academic year and is extended year upon year throughout the primary phase.
Our curriculum teaches the four key language learning skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing in an age appropriate way. Approaches include games, role-play, action songs and rhymes. Pupils use and apply their learning in a variety of contexts, laying down solid foundations for future language learning.

We enable pupils to express their ideas and thoughts in another language and to understand and respond to its speakers, both in speech and in writing.
Learning a language enriches the curriculum providing engagement, enjoyment and challenge, helping to create enthusiastic learners and to develop positive attitudes to language learning throughout life.


Our children will leave Chivenor with a good understanding of Spanish culture and language – creating lifelong language speakers. As a result of exploring relationships between language and identity, our children will have developed a better awareness of others and be able to embrace cultural differences.
Over time, sophisticated skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking will have evolved. They are therefore well equipped to transfer to KS3 effectively and will be well prepared to continue and develop their love of foreign languages.

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