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“Where words fail, music speaks.”

Hands Christian Anderson



At Chivenor School – we are musicians. We recognise that through music, pupils can increase their self-confidence, sense of belonging, creativity, and musical achievement. Music creates a platform where expression of thought and movement extends beyond the classroom environment thus fostering self-belief and self-worth that they may have found difficult to achieve through other activities.

We want our children to develop an understanding that music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. As pupils progress throughout school they should develop a critical engagement with music, allowing them to listen with discrimination to a range of modern and classical sounds. We intend for our children to appreciate music across a range of historical periods, types, cultures, styles, and traditions.

Using their voices as tools, as well as musical instruments, children gain a progressive development of musical concepts, knowledge, and skills. They are encouraged to express their emotions, feelings, and their cultures by composing and performing for their peers and the wider audience. To ensure music plays an integral role in helping children feel part of a community, we provide opportunities for all to create, play, perform and enjoy music both in class and externally.

The Annual Griffin Arts Festival was conceived to promote the use of music, performing, and static art to enhance a child’s enthusiasm and understanding of the world around them and advocates the ideology that learning covers many spectrums. It also frames their future learning to develop an understanding that future career pathways within the musical arena can be plentiful and varied.


The music curriculum is overseen by the Arts hub and also benefits from the expertise of specialist music educators who disseminate knowledge and experience in their musical fields. Lessons enable children to develop their skills, appreciate a wide variety of music and begin to appraise a range of musical genres. Music plays a key part in forming lesson plans to consolidate learning across the curriculum and enhance the environment in which children learn.

Weekly Key Stage singing sessions encourage a sense of belonging through shared voices and enthusiasm. This is extended via musical projects such as carol singing within our community, local care homes, and other schools. Access to a wide range of instruments and ICT allows children to learn to play and compose their music. All children have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument while at Chivenor School through scheduled weekly music lessons. Extra-curricular activities are encouraged and fronted by staff members to ensure a sense of trust and belonging.

As part of The Griffin Schools Trust, children are given many opportunities to experience high-quality musical performances and to perform in their own right including, The Griffin School Choir, The Griffin Arts Festival visit to Birmingham Symphony Hall, Trips to London’s West End, and The Big Sing.


Music has a universal and unwritten understanding: it can touch the soul, feed the mind, and embrace the heart. By tapping into their feelings and emotions we believe our children’s musical knowledge and skills will support their well-being and mental health as well as their learning.

We expect children to leave Chivenor able to enjoy music in many ways, as listeners, creators, or performers. We expect children to be confident singers; to have the tools needed to create their music either digitally or with traditional instruments and to recognise how they can further develop their skills.

Our children leave with the ability to take creative risks, problem solve, empathise, value teamwork, and consider contrasting opinions. They can confidently perform and share their music with others and respect music from a diverse range of cultures and countries.

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