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“Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”

Winnie the Pooh



At Chivenor- we are philosophers. We deliver our PSHE learning with the intention of ensuring our children develop into independent and resilient individuals. We use a dedicated period per week to allow all children to focus on their well-being.

During our class and individual discussions on thought-provoking topics, we encourage participation and also an opportunity for expression without any judgement. We encourage our children to build confidence in their opinions, widen their horizons and explore all of the opportunities life has to offer.
Our curriculum develops learning which will provide children with skills that will prepare them to be a citizen within our local community and the wider world. We promote an understanding of their moral, cultural, emotional and physical responsibilities and prepare them for experiences that may take place throughout their lives.


The PSHE curriculum is monitored by the Humanities hub to promote continuous improvement by reviewing, evaluating and sharing best practice. Children are taught through the Lifewise programme of study which delivers an engaging curriculum and inspires children to learn the values of others and themselves in an ever-changing world. We also cover a range of safeguarding topics to ensure our children understand how to keep themselves safe and how to keep others safe in an ever-changing world.

There is a strong emphasis on building resilience, nurturing mental and physical health and emotional awareness. Teachers encourage children to think critically, drawing out meaningful, thought-provoking conversations and challenging them to justify their opinions while empathising with others.
We reinforce the PSHE curriculum through our school values which are embedded throughout our entire curriculum and are revisited in regular school assemblies. We also add to children’s social skills and cultural capital through a wide range of trips, visits and experiences which widen our children’s horizons and prepare them for their future lives.


When children leave Chivenor they demonstrate and apply British Values, Chivenor Values and mutual respect. We want our Griffins to display a healthy outlook towards school and their learning journey, preparing them for life and work in modern Britain.

Our children show kindness and respect towards themselves and their peers and take responsibility for their own actions. They have the courage to try new things, challenge themselves and persevere in order to succeed. They can develop strong, healthy relationships with friends and family and understand how to manage and embrace their emotions. They can stay safe and live healthy lives feeling confident in how their mind and body is developing and changing.

Our children leave as positive role models to others, emulating the values and identifying the Proud Traditions within their own family, school and community.

They are inclusive and embrace diversity, understanding their contribution to a multicultural and diverse society today and in the future.

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