Positive Praise

Positive Words and Praise

This week will see the launch of our new school rewards and trophies. We are also reminding children of our behaviour policy so that we are all clear on what is in place. Parents/Carers can find this on our website.


Positive praise and reinforcement is key to a values led education. Pupils are excited and motivated by the new trophies which are awarded weekly.


Young Griffin Award – Awarded weekly by class teachers to a pupil for a whole range of reasons: great work, good resilience, improved/good attitude, being helpful, attendance, homework etc. etc.

We will celebrate all pupils weekly.


Class of the Week – This trophy is awarded by the Senior Team. Teachers can nominate their class again for all the reasons above and more!


Citizen Award – We also want to celebrate achievements for others in our new Citizenship award. This trophy will be presented to pupils who go above and beyond for others in our community. Truly showing the Griffin spirit.