SAF successes!

We are thrilled that so many Chivenor pupils had their applications to the GST SAF fund approved. The SAF fund (Sports and Arts) was set up to develop skills and talents of pupils already at a given level in their chosen area. Thanks to Mrs Jackson and Mrs Johnson for overseeing the applications. The following children have been successful:

Alyssia Edwards – a music stand
Charlotte Marriott – a watercolour and pastels set
Demi Yates – a pair of tap shoes
Dillon Moores – a pair of goalkeeper gloves
Ichiro Dushing – a pair of football boots
Layton Unitt – a flute
Jayden Johnson – a new dobok, head guard and shin guards
Jesse Weetman – a flute
Meghan Allsop – Jazz shoes
Tiana Rawlins – a trumpet

Thanks to Griffin Schools Trust for being such an amazing organisation, who are 100% focussed on opening the life chances of all pupils in their care – I don’t believe any other academy trust run such a scheme. Fantastic – our pupils are beyond delighted – THANK YOU.