SHARING the Fabulous Year 1 learning

Year one have been amazing, they’re resilient and kind

Although they’re learning virtually, they’ve really stretched their mind.
We’ve been learning about poetry, and stories from the past
And also about transport, the slow ones and the fast.
We’ve talked about the weather, and made sculptures made of ice
We’ve listened to some stories, some silly and some nice.
We’ve learned to add and take away, and write numbers down as words
We’ve begun to count in multiples of 2 and 5 and 10
We’ve practised all our numbers bonds – then practised them again.
And now we’re learning animals – mammals, fish and birds.
Of course we’ve practised phonics, each and every day
And used it in our writing, before we go and play.
We’ve learned to fill up buckets with happiness for others
Not just ourselves, but teachers, Mum’s and brothers.
But most of all they’re superstars, and I’d like to say out loud
Year one you are amazing, and I couldn’t be more proud!